Obtain License in Dubai With Volant Global In A Few Easy Steps

Commercial License

If your business involves trading, importing and exporting goods throughout the UAE, you need to choose a commercial license in dubai. According to the rules and regulations of the state, each business owner needs to secure a valid license before starting their business. If you're confused about how to start the process, feel free to seek advice from the experts of Volant Global.


  • Application form illustrating the business name in Arabic and English
  • Initial lease contract of registered address of the company
  • Dubai Municipality Building Department's permit that states the business has permission to use office space as their business address
  • Payment proof of the fees charged for obtaining the e commerce license dubai

Process Of Obtaining eCommerce License in Dubai


  • Select the right business type whose operations match the commercial license requirements
  • Draft the Articles of Association and Memorandum of the company stating the tasks your business will perform
  • Register your business with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai by obtaining the VAT number
  • Pay the expenses related to issuance of commercial license in uae

Industrial License

To establish an industrial manufacturing unit in Dubai, UAE, you need to obtain an industrial license in Dubai. Both semi-manufacturing and fully-manufacturing companies need a license to start their work.


  • Detailed report that involves all the information regarding the factory such as business plan, purpose of factory, details about equipment related to production, financing details and much more.
  • Photocopy of residence and passport of non-citizens
  • Partnership agreement
  • Balance sheet photocopy
  • Approval from important entities in Dubai including Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment and water, Ministry of Health and National Media council

Process Of Obtaining Industrial License in Dubai

  • Get approval from Dubai authorities before you make any alterations to existing factory or for setting up a new one
  • Your next step is contact the Department of Economic Development to apply for an industrial license in Dubai
  • Within three months, DED will make their final decision
  • If, in case, your application is accepted, the DED authority will reply you within 15 days of receiving your application
  • Consent from Municipality of Dubai is another important thing you need to take into account
  • Submit the required documents to all the authorities including Ministry of Health, chamber of commerce and Industry, Industrial register, etc
  • Within 1-2 weeks of sending your application form, you'll receive a response from the authorities

Professional License

Before you plan to launch a new business in the UAE, you need a professional license in dubai. Any individual or a corporation who wants to practice a career in Dubai can obtain a professional license.


  • Application form of obtaining license filled with all the necessary details
  • Passport photocopies of owners and partners of the company
  • Local partner’s naturalization book photocopy
  • Sponsors need to submit No-Objection Certificate (NOC) (in case they're on employment visa)
  • Photocopy of visit, transit or tourist visa of the foreign partners
  • Approval from all the entities depending on the type of activity your business will perform

Process Of Obtaining Professional License in Dubai

  • Fill the local service agreement and then notarize it from the public notary
  • Use Memorandum of Association (MOA) to make an agreement with the sponsor
  • Fill the registration form if you're applying for civil company license
  • All the owners and partners of the company must sign the court agreement
  • Documents should be sent to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai
  • Clear all the payments and collect payment voucher and professional license

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