Volant global - We Offer National Sponsorship Services in Dubai

Every foreign entrepreneur in Dubai needs to collaborate with UAE nationals to execute their business operations. Participation of a local sponsor for business in Dubai is a necessity as per the Civil Law of UAE. During the formation of a mainland business, you need to have a UAE national sponsor for your needs.

For the services of the local agent, you’ve to pay a certain amount of fees yearly. In general, the local sponsor in the UAE owns 51% of the company’s total shares. Volant global is one of the fastest growing business consultants in UAE helping people to set up their company and license it. Our experts will ensure that you get the best services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Types of Sponsorship in UAE

  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Individual Local Sponsor
  • Local Service Agent

If you’re looking for some assistance that ensures a smooth business set up, all you need to do is choose Volant global. Our end to end services ensure that you build your business with a reliable local sponsor for business in dubai. Get in touch with us today!