License Amendment Services in Dubai

When it comes to practicing business activities in Dubai, business owners need to choose a valid license. There are three main types of business licenses including commercial license, professional license and industrial license. Different businesses need to choose different types of business licences to keep working. However, if you've got the license but wish to amend it for any reason, the team of Volant Global can help you. We're your one-stop solution for all your license and other business setup needs. Let's have a look at a few other points about license amendment in Dubai.

Applicable License Amendments in Dubai

  • Trade name change
  • Local sponsor change
  • Change in the location of business
  • Addition or removal of business partners
  • Addition, removal or alteration of business activity

Steps For License Amendment in Dubai

  • Choose the license amendment you want and get the initial approval by applying for it
  • Submit all the documents that support amendment procedure
  • Complete the payment procedure for all the amendments requested

Volant Global is a leading team that offers license amendment services in Dubai. With a team of highly skilled and experienced members, we can handle everything from start to finish, ensuring that you get the top-notch results with minimal effort.