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When it comes to adding value to business and staying ahead of the curve, many corporate companies in Dubai prefer mergers and acquisition. This is because it is one of the best ways to restructure ongoing business to drive high profitability. However, completing the whole process on your own isn't an easy feat. This is why many small and big companies choose mergers and acquisition advisory services in the UAE.


Why Do Companies In Dubai Choose Mergers & Acquisition?

The best part about mergers and acquisition is that it allows a company to improve performance whilst reducing the overhead expenses. Working with one of the best mergers and acquisition advisory companies in Dubai, you can grow your profits without any extra efforts. Below listed are a few different types of mergers and acquisition in Dubai.

  • Horizontal Merger

A merger that involves companies relating to the same industry is called horizontal merger. Both of the companies participating in mergers usually offer the same goods and services to its clients.

  • Vertical Merger

This merger usually refers to when the merged companies produce different goods or offer different services to its clients.

  • Product Extension Merger

When two businesses operate in the same market and sell the same product, the merger is called product extension merger. In this type of merger, the company gets maximum profit from a huge customer base.

  • Market Extension Merger

This type of merger takes place when companies sell the same product but belong to different markets. It ensures that the merging companies benefit from a huge market.


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