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Civil Cases

UAE has a set of strict rules and regulations, therefore, you need the best civil lawyers in dubai to handle the civil cases. No matter what type of civil dispute you're dealing with, Volant Global's civil lawyers will help you.

  • Assistance and guidance related to all the business setup in Dubai, UAE
  • If you want to close a company in Dubai, we offer business liquidation services
  • Support in handling and representing in court cases
  • Legal advice on the major issues related to civil disputes by arbitration, litigation and more

If you're dealing with any civil complications, our leading civil lawyers in dubai can help you.

Criminal Cases

Dealing with a criminal case can be extremely frustrating and stressful. Generally, the accused person finds it hard to deal with the law and bring the truth to the light. At Volant Global, we have a team of professional criminal lawyers in dubai who handle the matters related to federal crimes and criminal activities efficiently.

  • Help In Financial Crimes
  • Defense In Drug Offences
  • Legal Support

Our top criminal lawyers in Dubai handle the criminal case with complete attention to detail. Our immediate legal advice and support will not only help you to save yourself from the serious punishments but also ensure that you've someone to represent you in the legal matters.

Labor Cases

Every company has to experience employee disputes at some point of time. Our labour lawyers in Dubai can help you determine if the case is against you or how it can affect both the parties.

  • Assistance and guidance in applying for work permits, depending on the type of employment contract
  • Guidance on updated UAE employment code's provision
  • Company verification to help foreign employees
  • Employee verification for companies looking to hire foreign citizens

When employment matters become complicated, you can seek legal advice from our best labour lawyers in dubai.