Volant Global Company License Renewals in Dubai

If you wish to launch a new business in Dubai, you need to first have your general trading license in dubai. But acquiring a license isn’t enough, you need to renew it to keep moving in the business world.

Getting a business license in dubai involves attention to detail, time and, most significantly, a lot of tedious and frustrating documentation. Generally, business owners get a trade license of one year that they need to renew every year.

Avoiding license renewal can lead to unwanted and unnecessary legal complications and implications. You won’t be allowed to do importing and exporting activities with your expired or non-renewed licence.

Different Types Of Business License in Dubai

Different licenses are required to execute different business activities in Dubai. For instance, if you wish to execute the trading activities, you need to get your hands on commercial licenses. On the other hand, an industrial license would be good in case of manufacturing activities. Besides this, Dubai business owners need professional licences for professional practices.

At Volant Global, we care about your licensing requirements and needs. We can assist you in renewing your home business license in Dubai before it expires. The core purpose of our team is to assist our clients with license issues. This is why we strive hard to ensure that there are no last minute panics, legal implications or heavy penalties.

Learn more about the major types of licenses available in Dubai.

  • Trade License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License